Awareness, Awe, and Your Wild Rainforest Mind

I stumbled across this blog on one of my adventures down the ‘rabbit hole’ that is the Internet.

I was stunned.

Are there really other people like me? Could all the traits and thoughts that have fueled my depression actually be gifts? Gifts that people, early in my life, had trampled on and tried to beat down? People afraid of my difference? Is being so different and so misunderstood what caused me to feel so WRONG almost my entire life?

The answer has to be “YES!”.

Now I can only hope that I have the time and the fortitude to forge a new path. To honour my true self and feel the energy and love that comes with being who I really am.

“And what we will all be seeking when we decamp, and for the rest of our lives, will be large, stable communities of like-minded people…”

― Kurt Vonnegut, Palm Sunday: An Autobiographical Collage

Your Rainforest Mind

(This post was inspired by the writer, visionary, and extraordinarily rainforest-minded Geneen Marie Haugen*)

…I grieve and wonder why so many of our human kin don’t seem to recognize the astonishing miracle of our mutual existence on this precious, exquisite, watery planet that we share not only with fantastically diverse cultures, but also with our companion communities of humpback whales, hummingbirds, giraffes. Is such experiential awareness and awe not available to all of us?…”Geneen Marie Haugen

(photo courtesy of Dev Asangbam, Unsplash)

Maybe not. Awareness and awe seem to exist at different levels and intensities for each of us. Our capacity for awareness and awe might be related to how curious, sensitive, intuitive, empathetic, and perceptive we are.

When you have a rainforest mind, though, you are guaranteed to be living with high levels of both.

Let me explain.

~ Awareness ~

There are many things you…

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