Crippling Procrastination or Prophetic Genius?

In 2016, when I chose the name for this site, I had never heard the term ‘Social Distancing’.

I was a severely depressed and traumatized soul working my way out of the pit of despair that was my life. A bit dramatic? maybe. maybe not.

I was learning that the only way I might hope to recover was to stop pretending to be a person I clearly wasn’t, and figure out what kind of person I am. And then stop apologizing for it.

I was coming to terms with the fact that I was not ‘shy’, but introverted… and that introversion is NOT a social disease (more on this in future posts).

Hoping that through the public analysis and documentation of my attempt to rebuild my totally obliterated sense of self, someone else might see themselves in my ramblings and experience a moment or two of comfort.

Also I like to write. Not saying I’m good at it… just like to write. If you’re looking for perfect grammar and highbrow literary musings you are definitely in the wrong place.

And if an introvert sharing my deepest darkest thoughts in public seems counterintuitive to you, remember I am not shy. I just don’t want anyone standing too close to me.

I can truly say I was Social Distancing before Social Distancing was cool. <insert eye-roll here>

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